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GASTL- Awards Program

This Program is designed to provide customers a true incentive to book on

The program currently allows a customer to enjoy a free round after booking and playing 18-hole rounds that add up to 500 points or more on any combination of the courses which are part of the 2016 GASTL booking platform that you select.


How It Works

  1. Sign up as an awards member online at
  2. Select one of the listed courses you wish to book
  3. Select any available 18-hole tee time at normal rates or at “Hot Deal” rates
  4. Upon paying and playing at the selected time you will be awarded points: 1 point per dollar spent.
    – When you accumulate 500 points or more you can claim a voucher to purchase golf
  1. Now go to the Golf Around to redeem points for a voucher
  2. Vouchers are only available for the following amounts; $25, $50, $75, and $100
  • 500 Points = $ 25   Voucher
  • 1000 Points = $ 50   Voucher
  • 1500 Points = $ 75   Voucher
  • 2000 Points = $100 Voucher
  1. You must claim any voucher you have earned enough points for no later than December 31 of each year.  On January 1st of each year all points in Award Accounts expire and accounts are reset to zero.
  1. Use voucher to purchase any “Hot Deal” round of golf on (Voucher valid for 1 year)


Play 14 rounds at an average price of $36 per round

  • $36 X 14 Rounds = $504 Dollars Spent = 504 Points Earned


Claim a $25 Voucher

500 Points = $25 Voucher

504 Points Earned – 500 Points for Voucher = $25 Voucher + 4 Points Remain in Account

Points remaining in your account stay to accumulate more points for additional vouchers during the year the points are earned.


Use the Voucher and book a “Hot Deal” round on

Example 1:

Book a $24 “Hot Deal” Round

  • $25 Voucher – $24 Round = Free Golf + $1 Redeemable Value Remains on Voucher which can be applied to any “Hot Deal” you select within the one year the Voucher is valid.

Example 2:

Book a $36 “Hot Deal” Round

  • $36 Round – $25 Voucher = $11 Payment Due on line.


GASTL Awards Program is a great way to earn
Free “Hot Deal” Rounds