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Wolf Hollow 2-Person Scramble Results

Wolf Hollow 2-Person Scramble Results

It was survival of the fittest for much of the day at Wolf Hollow Golf Club as Mother Nature made the playing conditions for the Golf Around STL 2-Person Scramble difficult. The duo of Chris Smith and Ryan Rau persisted to a tournament low score of 63 to claim to the top prize of the Championship Flight.

Championship Flight

Player Name Player Name Score Finish Points
Chris Smith Ryan Rau 63 1st 100
Ryan Robinson Stephen Muenster 64 2nd 80
Jason Thompson Michael Hopfer 64 3rd 70
Christopher Johnson Bob Moore 66 4th 60
Craig Somach Hayden Somach 68 5th 50
Bryan Beleek Sam Hoffman 68 6th 40


Player Name Player Name Score Finish Points
Jim Harris Robert Ruiz 69 1st 100
Steve Sherwood Bob Failla 72 2nd 80
Tracy Behrle Todd Feuerhaken 73 3rd 70
Doug Godier Tim St. John 73 4th 60
Chris Sibler Adam Lehenbauer 75 5th 50
Daniel Lutes Clint Wilson 75 6th 40
Vince Kulage Douglas Kulage DNF T7 10
Michael Peckham Alex Reif DNF T7 10
Tom Carbone Tom Reich DNF T7 10
Robert Huntze Ken Marshall DNF T7 10

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