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Meet the Pros – Scott Schaefer

Meet the Pros – Scott Schaefer

The Missouri Golf Post: How long have you been in your present position and what head or assistant pro jobs did you hold previously?

Scott: I’ve been in my current position for a little over 3 1⁄2 years, as General Manager/Head PGA Golf Professional of The Woodlands Golf Club.

TMGP: When did you start playing golf?
Scott: I started playing golf at the age of 8. First course I ever played was Westhaven Golf Course, located in Belleville, IL. Unfortunately a neighborhood now exists in its spot. Growing up my parents bought me a junior membership every year to Orchards Golf Course. My mom would usually drop me off around 11am 5 days a week and I would play until I couldn’t see the ball anymore.

TMGP: Who/how did you get interested in golf as a player?
Scott: I would have to say my first interest in golf came from my parents. After that I had a couple friends that I would play with every day.

TMGP: When did you decide to make golf your career?
Scott: Shortly after starting college I realized my current major was not the path I wanted to take. I received my bachelor’s degree in business management from SIUC. Throughout College I would drive back and work at Yorktown Golf Course. After graduating I took a position at Cardinal Creek Golf Course, thinking it would be a job before my “Real Job”. After a couple years it just felt like this was the path so I enrolled into the PGA PGM Program.

TMGP: Do you teach much now? If not, did you do a lot of teaching on your way up?
Scott: I still teach, but with the responsibilities of being the GM it leaves little time. I never turn down the opportunity to instruct a student, but I just don’t promote as much as I once did. At my prior course, Cardinal Creek Golf Course I was the Director of Instruction where a lot of my attention focused on Instruction.

TMGP: Other than your home course, what’s your favorite place to play – anywhere in the world?
Scott: Honestly, when I go on vacation the golf bag usually is not packed so I haven’t played many courses outside the area. However, when I attend the accelerated program in Port St. Lucie for two winters I played the PGA course almost everyday which I loved. Locally, other than my club of course I would have to say Annbriar on the Illinois side and Bellerive on the Missouri side.

TMGP: What course(s) are on your “bucket list” that you’d like to play?
Scott: Hands down I would have to say Pebble Beach is number 1 on my list.

TMGP: What’s the one thing you’d like to see to help us grow the game?
Scott: This is great! Showcase a golf course that may not have as much exposure as some of the better-known country clubs.

TMGP: When is the last time you got new irons or woods from your equipment company?
Scott: From my personal experience if you are not heavily into carrying hard goods at your shop you do not hear from the reps. Have been at The Woodlands for four years now and really the only rep I hear from is Jim Mason, with Bridgestone and Dan Gillham, with TaylorMade. Jim & Dan have been kind enough to supply me with some equipment in the past. Really if the reps would pay attention to the smaller shops and supply a demo club or two I’m sure I could sell a few drivers/Irons/Putters as special order.

What’s in my bag:
Driver – Titleist 910 D2
Fairway Woods – TaylorMade V Steel
Hybrid – Callaway FT
Irons – Callaway X Forged
Wedges – TaylorMade ATV
Putter – TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs

TMGP: Who is your favorite player to watch on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, or LPGA Tour?

Scott: I find myself rooting for Phil Mickelson. Seems like a really “Classy Guy”. Acknowledges the crowd and smiles to the crowd. Some hang their head low and seem mad all the time, “Really?” you get to play golf for a living.

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